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October 9, 2019
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PAPER TARGET BRACKET – Shooting Target for Cardboard Targets



Here is the best ARMORED paper target holder you will ever own!

Tired of carrying paper target stands with all your steel targets?

Now there is one interchangeable base system for steel, rubber, and paper!  Our Armored Paper Bracket works in all of our base systems (Pro and QD series) and is made from 3/8” thick AR500.  AND THEY HOLD GONGS TOO!

Getting your pistol and rifle on paper for that perfect cloverleaf is the first step to achieving a properly dialed in weapon.

Do you already have our Rubber or Steel targets and bases?  This is the perfect target accessory to dope in your pistol/rifle.

You will need the standard 1×2″ furring strips from your local hardware store to attach your cardboard and shoot-n-see targets.

This accessory is for customers that already own our base systems.  BUT… if you don’t already own one you can get them HERE!


PAPER TARGET BRACKET – For Cardboard and Paper Targets

Made from 3/8” thick rifle rated AR500 and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  This static target works in all of our modular base systems and is completely interchangeable with all our other targets.


  1. This paper bracket REQUIRES A BASE – pick from any of our bases HERE… if you don’t own one ALREADY.
  2. You will need 1×2″ furring strips that can be found at your local hardware store and a staple gun OR large binder clips.
  3. Set up target base and Paper Target Bracket
  4. Insert furring strips into each end of the Paper Target Bracket
  5. Attach 18″ cardboard


SELECT A BASE – All of our bases hold this new paper system

QUICK DEPLOY BASES – Simple modular base systems that can be raised or lowered with 1″ steel pipe

2×4 WOOD BRACKETS – Budget friendly armored steel 2×4 brackets. As tall as you make them! Choose Top Bracket only or Top Bracket & H Base.

STANDARD BASE – Our Standard and Armored bases are designed for easy setup and transport and will work with any reactive or plate target.  30” tall

ARMORED BASE – This base has an armored center post to withstand all kinds of abuse and will work with any reactive or plate target.  30” tall

TALL ARMORED BASE – Standing at 42” tall, this target base will raise your target to more natural shooting position and promote muscle memory for close quarter training.  Also has an armored center post to withstand thousands of rifle and handgun rounds.  40” tall

FULLY ARMORED RANGE BASE – This base is armored from top to bottom.  Great protection for long range rifle, range and rental targets… and to shoot FULL AUTO.  No stray bullets will be punching holes in this base.  30″ tall

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 1 in

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