October 11, 2018
Koozer Lollipop — Rifle — Reactive Steel Rifle Target
November 13, 2018
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Koozer Lollipop – Pistol – Reactive Steel Pistol Target



THE KOOZER LOLLIPOP PISTOL TARGET – This is the newest target in our lineup and quite possibly the most fun.  Our unique design will work on any of our modular base systems that you already own… just like a silhouette or rubber dummy target.  Simply drop the bracket in the base, then the two uprights, then drop in your pistol/rifle or rimfire paddles and you are ready to go!

This Koozer Pistol Lollipop is available by itself or as a package that includes one of our modular bases, and for a limited time we will include TWO 4″ gongs at NO COST!

BASE NOT INCLUDED… Be sure to select your base type from the dropdown.

Don’t forget to pick up 6 drop in RIMFIRE paddles!

See Base Descriptions Below


All of the Koozer Lollipop target variations work with our modular base systems.   They come in pistol, rifle, and rimfire rated platforms.  Rimfire paddles can be purchased separately to add to your Armored or Pistol Lollipop so paddles.  Paddles swap in seconds and you can shoot your favorite 22lr weapon all day long!

Go head to head, train for zipper drills, or paint them different colors and really put your brain to work.  This new target will add lateral movement to your typical Dueling Tree experience.  Some ranges require the minimum target height to be above 30 inches.  This will fix the issue of not allowing dueling trees on the range. Choose from packages that include one of our modular bases, a rifle rated setup, a pistol setup, or a rimfire setup.

Purchase 2 different sizes of mini gongs to add to the hangers at the bottom of the bracket  – 4″ or 5″

Select A Base

2×4 WOOD BRACKETS – Budget friendly armored steel 2×4 brackets. As tall as you make them! Choose Top Bracket only or Top Bracket & H Base.

STANDARD BASE – Innovative Standard and Armored bases setup in seconds, transport easily and will work with any reactive, plate, or rubber target.  30” tall

ARMORED BASE – This base has an armored center post to withstand all kinds of abuse and will work with any reactive or plate target.  30” tall

TALL STANDARD BASE –Standing at 40” tall, this target base will raise your target to more natural shooting position and promote muscle memory for close quarter training.  40” tall

TALL ARMORED BASE –  This target base is best used for close up pistol/rifle shooting.  It will raise your target to more natural shooting position and promote muscle memory for close quarter training.  Also has an armored center post to withstand thousands of rifle and handgun rounds.  40” tall

Additional information
Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 3 in
Base Type

2×4 Bracket & Base, 2×4 Bracket Only, No Base, I already have a base, Armored Base, Fully Armored Range Base, Tall Armored Base

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