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June 10, 2017
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Spinner Targets – Armored Steel Reactive Shooting Target



MR TARGET is proud to bring you our latest accessory target design.  Once again… NO tools, NO nuts or bolts, NO bearings… Made from 100% AR500 material so there is nothing on this you will break… AND, as always, our Lifetime Warranty!

Our quality Reactive Spinner Targets can be used in a stand-alone configuration or in conjunction with all our steel and rubber target silhouettes.  They are made from 100% AR500 material AND come with our Lifetime Warranty.  ALL of our spinner targets will work with your existing MR TARGET Base Systems.


THE NEW – Reactive Spinner Targets

Our Reactive Spinner Targets teach trigger control and quick follow up shots.

They are the same great MR TARGET targets which means no tools, no nuts, bolts, wood, or bearings, are made from 100% AR500 material, AND as always, come with a Lifetime Warranty.  They work by themselves in either bracket of our Modular Base Systems or in conjunction with all our Reactive Steel and Rubber silhouette targets as an accessory.

Our Spinner accessory cross bars are available in multiple configurations so you can design the target system that best fits the needs of your department or agency.  All of our Spinner targets will work with the MR TARGET base systems you already own.  Simply drop them into place and start training.

  • Single spinner setups (spinner on one side)
  • Dual spinner setups (spinner on both sides)
  • Short arm configurations for stand alone use
  • Long arm configurations to use in conjunction with a Rubber Dummy or Reactive Steel Silhouette
  • Combo accessory setups with a spinner on one side and a gong on the other

There are two types of spinner accessory plates available:

  1. The weighted 2-Plate spinner that takes one hit to get it moving then another to make it rotate.
  2. The 3-plate spinner that will spin forward or backwards as fast as you can shoot it.

***NOTE – the Spinner Targets DO NOT work with the Tactical III silhouette target.

Weight 55 lbs
Base Type

2×4 Bracket & Base, 2×4 Bracket Only, No Base, I already have a base, Armored Base, Fully Armored Range Base, Standard Base, Tall Armored Base, Tall Standard Base


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