66% IPSC Silhouette Quick Deploy
April 22, 2019
“RUBBER DUMMY” QUICK DEPLOY – Self Healing LE Training Target
April 23, 2019
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“RUBBER DUMMY” QUICK DEPLOY MINI – Self Healing LE Training Target



This “Rubber Dummy” target mounts directly to our latest QUICK DEPLOY MINI base system which is included at this low price.

It has two leg options depending on the height you want your target… or… you can buy your own 1″ black pipe and cut them whatever height you want!

The target is a life size 3D torso that is made from 100% recycled rubber.  The unique SELF HEALING material composition allows the projectiles to pass through with minimal deformation and degradation.  They have an outer “skin” that reacts to each impact giving the shooter a realistic visual sense as to where the target has been struck.  The “skin” (spray paint) can be quickly re-applied and you are ready to shoot a new target.

Unlike our steel products, this rubber target system allows the projectiles to pass through which makes them ideal for indoor ranges, Tactical Fire Houses, and self defense training.

Be sure to pick up one of our “KILL SHOT” Myst Packs for your Rubber Dummy Target.  Make shot confirmation easy with these dry/no mess packet that explodes into a cloud of red smoke!

Again, be sure to choose a leg option below or be prepared to supply your own 1″ black pipe.

See QD and QD MINI Descriptions Below


Rubber Dummy

3D rubber LE target that can withstand 1000’s of pistol and rifle rounds.


  • Pistol/CCW Training
  • Close Quarter Training
  • Room clearing situations
  • Vehicle training

The RUBBER DUMMY mounts directly to our PRO SERIES modular base systems with the included mounting bracket.

ALSO AVAILABLE – “KILL SHOT” Myst Packs for your Rubber Dummy Target. Make shot confirmation easy with these dry/no mess packets.

Make your target even more fun with accessories: add a 2 GONG RACK or one of our new SPINNER targets to your Rubber Training Target System.

DIMENSIONS: 34″ Tall x 17″ Wide (shoulder to shoulder)


Our oldest target system design is finally put into action. This portable base system is interchangeable with most of our target designs, has taller leg options, AND comes in at a lower price point than our proven PRO SERIES modular target bases.

Easy Setup – Flat Storage – Ultra Durable – Lifetime Warranty!


QUICK DEPLOY – This innovative armored STAND ALONE target system is made from solid 3/8″ AR500 steel and assembles in seconds. It transports and stores FLAT… taking up very little space so you have extra room for the necessities. The QD will work with reactive silhouettes, rubber dummy targets, paper targets, and our Koozer Lollipops. (with many more options to come) We offer two leg options to raise the height of your QD target but they aren’t necessary for operation. 2′ and 3′ options are available.

QUICK DEPLOY MINI – Same great system as above but in a smaller package… with a smaller price. We highly recommend purchasing these targets with a 2′ or 3′ leg kit. You could also buy some 1″ pipe and build your own!

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 17 × 7 in
QD Target Legs

No Legs, 2' Legs, 3' Legs

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