Electronic Targets


When shooting on electronic targets, you get more out of each round and each hour on the range. Instant feedback is key. You and your KTS monitor make an ideal shooter/spotter team.

On top of that, your shooting improves faster. Our customers have reported up to 4 times higher efficiency on the range.


No more constant downrange maintenance or target changes. Less staff and less time spent = less cost.

And, coupled with the instant results on the monitors, you can move more shooters through the line more quickly creating more revenue for your facility.


No need for personnel downrange – with no need to change targets you also reduce the risk of injuries for your staff and shooters.


As opposed to other types of electronic systems, ours needs no adjustments. Just aim and shoot!

Automatically handles both super- and subsonic ammunition.


With our groundbreaking software solutions, it is now possible for the audience to follow the shooter live – both at your events and from the comfort of their homes.


Due to our system architecture and wireless solutions, it is both exceedingly simple and lightning fast to set up a range.

You won't need to worry as we'll handle every part of the install from start to finish.


Our goal is not only to deliver the highest quality armored steel targets and electronic target systems... We also want to help create shooting competitions, events, and training experiences that are easier to manage, less expensive, more efficient and more fun.


Results prove that ranges with electronic targets are hands-down more popular than traditional ranges. With no downtime wasted on target changes or maintenance, and with all of the other advantages, electronic target ranges have no equal in attracting new shooters both old and young.


Contact us for a quote on a custom electronic target system that is tailor-made to meet your specific requirements.